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The Art of Dressing Like a Parisian

The Art of Dressing Like a Parisian


One of the most important things to remember about the Parisian woman is that they say no to most trends. As you well know they have their own signature look. What sets them apart is that they wear cloths that make them feel good about themselves and update their wardrobe with only a few trend items, but for the most part stick to a similar aesthetic. 

Black is always a good idea. You must have the little black dress, but besides that French woman love their black skirts, pants, shirts. It really is all about the comfort with a little added chic to the mix. 


However, think about the neutrals as they are essential to the French women’s wardrobe. By adding white, beige or brown to the standard black outfit and then some color you completes the chic look.  Most will use a scarf, but you can mix it up by adding colorful earrings or a bright necklace.

Do not forget the tradition white button down shirt or even a simple white tee shirt as these are standard in the closet of a French woman. 


Parisians also love their strips. You will notice especially in the spring and summer time women wearing the Breton classics (blue and white or red and white)). Although you can get other color options, the look is always the same. Pair anyone of these shirts with white jeans for the classic French attire. 

Now that you have an idea of the cloth and style that fits you best let’s talk about the shoes. Here too comfort is essential. You do not need to hav a full closet of just shoes. Having a couple of great looking shoes is important, however the best are comfortable low-heeled pumps and my favorite the ballet slippers. I especially like the Tieks as they are stylish, comfortable, durable and foldable which make them great for traveling.  


The chic French woman knows all about proportions. It is important to know your body type and what best looks compliment your body type. Basically the idea is to look good while making it seem as if your are not trying at all, as if it was effortless.

So remember, the French woman will think long and hard before buying clothing, shoes, or accessories. They do not buy something because the individual items is pretty or looks good. They focus on how it will fit their existing wardrobe. Therefore, each item of your wardrobe must work to create a complete outfit. One final note, matching is not the same as coordinating. I will talk more about that in my next article, until then happy shopping. 

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