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April Showers Brings Lots of Rain

April Showers Brings Lots of Rain

The month of April is known for lots and lots of rain. So, essential to your wardrobe during this time is the trench coat, a good sturdy umbrella and of course a pair of boots. Let’s start with the classic coat.


The most luxurious brands carry their own production of the classic coat so you have many options available. How could they not as they are both glamorous and functional. The basics remains the same no matter who designs them. A true trench coat is double breasted with wide lapels and ten buttons along with a belt at the waist and a removal lining.


However, there are other variations to the trench coat especially in color to make those gloomy rainy days tolerable. So whether you prefer the traditional look or more of a vintage look the choices are rather endless.

These coats can be worn over jeans, slacks or a dress. The important thing is to know which length is better for your body type the best and then the rest is easy. 


Once you have decided which trench coat fits your style then we move on to the boots. Wellington boots have traditionally been known as the best choice especially in the UK.

Boots can be combined with different outfits to create a chic outfit. Keep in mind that these types of boots are mostly worn during the day.  


You should also have sensible footwear which can include other types of boots. Leather is a good idea as they last longer. Boots can also be combined with jeans, skirts, dresses and trousers. The color can change the entire look so choose wisely.

Next comes the umbrella. You can pick a plain or patterned umbrella, as well as, a compact or automatic. Certain umbrellas as made specifically for wet and windy days.


These beauties have been around since the 19th century when they were originally made popular by Arthur Wellesley the First Duke of Wellington. Regardless of the brand, these hunting and outdoor boots come in different colors so they are a good choice for rainy days.


One example is the canopy style which is larger and rounder and is meant to shelter you from the rain as you walk. This style is sturdy and one of the best features is its automatic. All you need to do is press the button on the handle and it opens up right away.


The compact umbrella tends to be lightweight and covers a pretty good proportion of your head and shoulders.

If you are looking to indulge in more of a luxurious look consider a water proof umbrella with a slim crooked shaped leather handle. 


Overall there are numerous options on coats, boots and umbrellas to keep you as dry as possible during the rainy season. Have fun combining styles and colors.

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