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Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends

Are you Ready for The Top 2 Fall Fashion Trends?


Fall Plaids


Hooded sweater in cashmere knit, "J'Adior 8" at the back


Two of my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. Although most people say they love fall and some are not being honest, I actually do love the fall. It brings the end of summer fashion and the ability to change your wardrobe completely.

During this time you can wear sweaters, boots, light jackets and depending on how cold it is you can even wear boots, scarves and gloves.

This year one of the styles to watch out for are the plaids. Fashion houses have combined the traditional, old-school prints like tartans, plaids and checkered prints and made them a must have for the fall.

YanshanZhang Getty Images.png

Fall Capes


Pearl Beige Wool Cashmere Coating 2


Capes have been around for a long time, but this fashion season they are bigger than ever. One of the great things with capes is you can wear them with jeans for a casual look or a dress for a more formal look. Regardless, the one thing all capes have in common is they are draped silhouette.

So, what are you thoughts on plaids and capes? would you wear either one? Do you actually have any plaids or capes in your closet?

I do actually have both in my closet and can’t wait to take them out and wear them starting next month.

Fatechanger Book One: Penny Lost  by L. M. Poplin

Fatechanger Book One: Penny Lost by L. M. Poplin

Summer Endings and Fall Beginnings

Summer Endings and Fall Beginnings